The podcast covers an interview with myself (Eveleaner Grant – President of Blesstherest, Inc) and Sandra Hill (CPLC – Certified Professional Life Coach) of the Influencers show on Grow Your Voice, Overcome Your Fears! Radio Podcast.

In the podcast, I’m very candid about the abuse I went through in my first marriage but I was able to escape though he tried to come after me.

I discussed with the host many ways Domestic Violence Abuse and Intimate Partner Abuse manifest itself in various ways with various victims but often the

abuse will encompass several abusive attacks on one individual from another individual. As a Domestic Violence Advocate, a victim may call about one issue with her

abuser only realizing later she is being abused in several ways.

The focus of the podcast is to expose the many ways in which an abuser is pathological and cruel to the victim. In the process, breaking down every ounce of self worth

and self esteem in the victim.

I will share with the audience the information for help so the victim, family members, friends and bystanders will know there is help available for the victim.

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