About Us

DSC_2680My name is Eveleaner Grant and I am the president and CEO of Blesstherest,Inc. I was a victim of Domestic Violence abuse nearly 30 years ago. My ex-husband tried to kill me but thank God he was not successful. My church bought a plane ticket to California for my baby and I to find safety with a family member. I feel impressed by God to do the same and bless the rest of victims in this way. In fact, I believe my life was spared for this purpose. I, like Harriet Tubman, will secretly lead victims from bondage to safety in another land.

I am married to Lem Grant and we have three adult children: Brandon, Basil and Amber. I am an author, speaker, seminar and conference leader. I am an ordained minister at Zion Baptist Church in Marietta, Ga. where I spearheaded a Domestic Violence Awareness annual seminar and service in October.

I graduated from Revelation Message Bible College with a BA in Ministry and became a teacher of biblical  studies.

Lemuel Grant is the CFO and CIO of Blesstherest,Inc. (Not shown). I have been married to him for 26 years. He is a great source of information, help, and guidance.

There is an Advisory Board of nine ladies that are sounding boards for ideas and help with seminars and others events at times.