Trapped (Stop the Violence)

Trapped Stop the Violence

“Trapped (Stop The Violence)” is Grant’s latest book that tells her personal journey through domestic violence and how she experienced domestic violence firsthand as a victim and also witnessing it happen throughout her childhood and adolescence to several of her relatives and friends, thinking these actions were a normal part of life.

In her book, she writes about how victims believe if they protect their children from actually being physically abused, but allowing the child to see them being abused, then they have protected them. “This is not true,” says Grant. “Seeing a loved one abused is traumatizing to a child or person.”

“Trapped (Stop The Violence)” breaks down the many aspects of abuse and how both women and men can be trapped physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally. She says verbal abuse can be just as damaging. As a victim of severe abuse and experiencing a near-death episode during her first marriage, Grant was determined that she would get herself and her baby to freedom. “Our freedom from being trapped begins in our mind and the way we think of ourselves can cause us to stay trapped longer,” says Grant. “We must see ourselves as worthy to be loved, to be free, to have dreams and most of all,have peace of mind.” We must determine that our freedom will not come easy, but it will be worth it.” She invites you into her past experiences of domestic violence to learn and then ACT for yourself and your loved ones. Grant tells her entire story with boldness, humility, dignity, candor and no shame.

“Trapped (Stop The Violence)”was written to tell her story of how she made it through her violent past, for such a time as now to help and encourage others. One hundred (100%) percent of book sales will support victims of Domestic Violence.

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